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2020 Chengdu Economic Development Zone auto industry talent skill competition

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In order to further promote the ability of industrial talents in Chengdu Economic Development Zone, train industrial workers under the new economic model, promote the development and growth of skilled labor force and the improvement of overall quality, Chengdu news, the automobile channel of Sichuan news network, improves talents through training, finds talents through competition, displays skills and carries forward the "craftsman spirit". Chengdu Economic Development Zone human resources and Social Security Bureau, Chengdu Longquanyi District Federation of trade unions, Sichuan Automobile Industry Association, Chengdu Automobile Industry Research Institute, Chengdu aviation vocational and technical college, Sichuan Changjiang vocational and technical college, Chengdu Longquanyi District Logistics Supply Chain Association, Chengdu Sinan car Robot Technology Co., Ltd, Jointly hold the 2020 Chengdu Economic Development Zone automobile industry talent skill competition and Chengdu million employee skill competition Longquanyi District competition.

Competition course

The competition lasted two months before and after. For the highly skilled talents of automobile manufacturing enterprises, automobile parts manufacturing and related manufacturing enterprises in the region, 9 competition projects such as automobile assembly and adjustment, industrial robot and intelligent technology of new energy vehicles were established. Among them, the intelligent technology competition of new energy vehicles is the first creative new competition project in Southwest China. The region's 791 enterprise employee representatives have gone through layers of selection tests, and finally a total of 72 people came to the fore.

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