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Chengdu Auto Show opened grandly, with new energy vehicles accounting for the majority

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Recently, the 24th Chengdu Auto Show opened grandly. The two-day delay has affected the preparatory activities of many automobile enterprises, but this Chengdu auto show is still lively.

Chengdu International Auto Show is one of the four major A-level auto shows in China. It is also the first place for new products of domestic and foreign auto enterprises in the West. It can be described as the wind vane and barometer of the central and Western auto market and even the national auto market in the second half of the year. It is reported that the theme of this Chengdu auto show is a dynamic Chengdu with extraordinary happy driving. The exhibition scale is 200000 square meters. A total of more than 130 auto brands and 1500 cars participated in the exhibition.


Unlike last year, this Chengdu auto show has lost eight auto enterprises, but added 15 auto enterprises, mostly new energy vehicle brands. In addition, new energy models also account for the majority of the models that traditional automobile enterprises make their debut and open pre-sale at Chengdu auto show.

As we all know, auto enterprises participate in auto shows to sell cars. Recently, the automobile brands of FAW Group, SAIC Group, GAC group, Chang'an and other large automobile groups gathered in an exhibition hall to improve the influence and popularity of automobile brands to consumers.

It is reported that among the 15 new automobile brands in this Chengdu auto show, 12 are new energy automobile enterprises.

Non new energy vehicle brands include SAIC, Audi, tank cars, and Janice Seth. Among them, SAIC Audi and tank cars made their debut at this year's Chengdu auto show as independent brands. The international luxury car brand Janice Seth entered the Chinese auto market again in April this year.

Other new energy vehicle brands include Nezha automobile, R automobile and geek automobile, Gaohe automobile, Jihu automobile, lantu automobile, ideal automobile, Tianji automobile, Zero run automobile, hechuang automobile and Chery new energy. Among them, Zhiji automobile and R automobile, geek automobile and lantu automobile are new automobile brands established within one year.

Why are there so many new energy vehicle brands at this Chengdu auto show? According to the data released by the passenger Federation, from January to July this year, the retail volume of new energy vehicles in China was 1.229 million, a year-on-year increase of 210.2%. In the first half of this year, the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles in Chengdu was 30006, a year-on-year increase of 117.7%, ranking sixth among all cities in China, second only to the five restricted cities of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. According to the plan, Chengdu is expected to promote 200000 new energy vehicles next year and 350000 new energy vehicles by 2025.

It can be said that most electric vehicle enterprises appeared at this Chengdu auto show, which shows that the transformation of electric vehicles is the general trend.

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